Why Rent a Dumpster in the Winter? 3 Things You Should Know

Are you looking for a dumpster rental in the winter? To find out how many bins are available, just look around. Because there is less going on outside, there will be a wider range of dumpsters for you to choose from. 

No matter when you rent a dumpster, you will need to know how to take care of it if you want to keep it over the winter. For renting a dumpster in the winter, here are some tips.

Get Ready For Snow And Ice

In the winter, snow and ice storms happen often. Hence, you need to think about the snow and ice on your land before putting down the dumpster. Before you drop it, ask yourself these things:

  • Does snow or ice make it harder to get to the dumpster by car or on foot?
  • How easy is it for snow and ice to stick to the dumpster cover?
  • Can snow or ice get into the dumpster?

If you put your dumpster somewhere where snow and ice can build up, it could become dangerous in the winter. When it snows or freezes, it might be hard for workers to empty the trash or open the lid. During the winter, make sure you have a plan for how to deal with snow and ice.

Do Not Fill Your Dumpster With Snow

It is never a good idea to let snow pile up in your dumpster, whether you mean to or not. This is true for several reasons.

  • Firstly, snow is heavy. Up to 15 pounds of light snow can cover an area of 1 square foot. Snow that has been packed down can weigh 20 pounds or more per square foot.
  • When dumpsters are full of snow, they can be hard to move or dump, which adds extra work for the dump truck. Additionally, the snow disappears.
  • Whatever it touches gets wet when the snow melts. It gets heavier when snow melts inside a dumpster because it soaks everything.

Also, it can leave behind a smell, which is always worse when the trash is wet.  The last thing is that snow takes up room. Most likely, you chose the size of the dumpster you sourced from dumpster rental based on how much space you need to store trash for the week.

Keep Animals Out Of Your Dumpster

During the whole year, many animals have already been eyeing your trash. Winter, on the other hand, makes food harder to find, which makes animals anxious.

Pests like prairie dogs, raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and even rats find ways to get into your trash to eat or stay warm in the winter. In the winter, here are some ways to keep animals out of your rented dumpster:

  • If you close the top or side doors, the trash is almost impossible to get into.
  • To get rid of the smell of garbage, spray the trash three to four times a month.
  • Use strong trash bags.
  • Tell the trash company about any holes, cracks, or damage.
  • Use lights that turn on when they sense movement to scare animals away.
  • Once a week, spray ammonia into the trash can.

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