What should be included when designing a trade show booth?

Trade shows, industry events, and similar spaces are great for showcasing your brand. Besides making your presence felt, it allows your business to communicate directly with attendees and find prospects and leads. One of the key tasks is to design the booth appropriately to garner attention. There are exhibit design & manufacturing services like ExpoMarketing in Orange County that can help you come up with new ideas. In this post, we discuss things that you need for the booth.

Impressive graphics to cover white space

Using vibrant colors and graphics that are in sync with your brand’s imaging is critical. With the right number of words and textual information, you can communicate your message without going into a long conversation. The graphics should have readable text, and while covering the white space and walls is critical, do not go overboard with the ideas, as extreme visuals can create clutter.

Add counters

While more businesses are choosing to have an open booth, having a counter is essential. You also need cases to show your products. With counters, you can create an exclusive space and initiate conversations with attendees. It is also much easier to put products on display for people to come and see. If they like the offerings, they will ask questions.

Include lightboxes

When it comes to highlighting what’s more relevant for your exhibits, you definitely need lightboxes. Glowing displays attract more attendees, and you can choose to tailor what you share. Lightboxes are usually used for product displays, but you can also effectively utilize them for promotional info and other graphics. Also, the additional light only brightens your space and makes it inviting.

Hangings for distant watchers

Using a few hanging signs is the best way to get people to your booth, especially when they aren’t close. You can make the most of the vertical height of your display. There are all sorts of hanging signs available in the market, from the standard rotating ones to animated and inflated signs. Hangings also make it easier for repeat visitors to identify your booth.

Final word

You don’t have to invest in new products and exhibits for each trade show or event. As long as you invest in quality and reusable booth exhibits, the return on investment is assured. If you are out of ideas, partner with an exhibit design service, and they can plan and execute the final look of your brand from scratch.

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